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[買一送一 Buy1Get1]Ekselence 里加黑魔法酒布朗尼家庭裝雪糕 Balsam & Brownie Ice-cream Family Tub

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Ekselence 里加黑魔法酒布朗尼家庭裝雪糕 

里加黑魔法酒是拉脫維亞的國酒,含45%酒精度,風味特別, 朱古力的甜味混合酒的甘苦香味,互相中和,為雪糕增添特色風味,一同感受這種黑魔法,投入「醉」人時光。


Ekselence Balsam & Brownie Ice-cream

Riga Black Balsam has a distinct flavor. The sweetness from the chocolate brownie mixes with and complements the bitterness of the liquor, creating a unique and delicious blend.


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